Russell Brand Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

Russell Brand is a flamboyant character, and he has what some consider to be some controversial views on certain subjects. Using the Big Five Personality Traits and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), we will take a look at his personalty traits.

Russell Brand Personality Type.

Russell Brand, originally from Essex, England, first came to fame as a comedian, and then got opportunities to present various TV shows, shortly after opportunities for roles in movies opened up. Some of the movies he has been in include; Rock of Ages, Death on the Nile, Bedtime Stories, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Get Him to the Greek. He has also appeared on various news and political programs, talking about political, social issues, and addiction.

Russell Brand Personality Type – Big Five


Russell Brand is very high in trait openness. He is very creative, and has a very high interest in aesthetics and ideas. The way he dresses is also another clue of high openness. It shows a desire for uniqueness, and wanting to be open and free while expressing his creative desire. His language and creative vocabulary also suggest this.


I would say he is around medium on conscientiousness, perhaps on the lower end of the scale. He has accomplished many things in his career. However, he also shows a strong interest in play and recreation. He also has a more liberal temperament, which is associated with lower levels of conscientiousness.


Russell Brand is very high in extroversion. All of the sub-traits fit with his personality very well. These include gregariousness, high activity levels, being assertive, being friendly, and generally being positive. High extroversion is also connected to reward sensitivity and impulsive pleasure-seeking. This is likely to partly explain the issues he has had with addiction.


Russell Brand is high in agreeableness. He highly prioritises compassion, and compassion is a sub-trait of agreeableness. High levels of compassion is also a predictor of more left-leaning political views.


Generally, he is low in neuroticism, which is the negative emotion trait. This also explains why he is so high in positive emotion and extroversion. He doesn’t worry much about the consequences of impulsive pleasure-seeking. This also suggests low neuroticism.

Russell Brand Personality Type – MBTI

Russell Brand is an ENFP on the MBTI. This stands for Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver. So he is highly extroverted and creative, so he is an intuitive type. He leads with his emotions, particularly compassion, so he is a feeler type, and he has a preference for play over work, which suggests he is a perceiver type.

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