Meghan Markle Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What personality type is Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Big Five Personality Traits. We also look into other aspects of her psychology to try and workout if she is a victim, or a narcissist?

Meghan Markle Personality Type.

Meghan Markle first became well known for her role in the American TV legal drama Suits. Later, her fame exploded after she married Prince Harry, therefore becoming a member of the British royal family. She also recently got her own Spotify podcast named Archetypes, and a Netflix documentary.

Meghan Markle – Victim or Manipulating Narcissist?

There are certainly two very different sides and stories to Meghan Markles joining the royal family and the controversies surrounding the situation. One narrative is that she has been the victim of abuse and bullying, partly due to her skin colour. On the other hand, she has been accused of bullying herself, and that she is playing the victim card in order to manipulate others for personal gain. Mental health issues, such as narcissistic personality disorder are another possibility. She may also be paranoid, defensive, and a massive attention seeker.

One theory about why the problems started, was that when she joined the royal family, she wanted more privileges than she was entitled to. When she didn’t get what she wanted, the strategy was to play the victim in order to manipulate. Harry had a simple choice; support his wife, or the marriage would be over.

It’s very likely that she has a distorted perception that influences her interpretations of events and words. Perhaps she has suffered from some prejudice and discrimination in the past, which has made her defensive and interpret things in a distorted and negative way. Past injustices and current misinterpretations may cause resentment to build, and to seek revenge for those injustices, real and perceived.         

Meghan Markle Personality Type – Big Five


I would go relativity high on openness. She has been involved in creative roles, and she also talks about important ideas and concepts.


Meghan Markle seems to be driven to achieve and accomplish things, so on the higher end of the scale.


Meghan Markle is very high on extroversion. She seems assertive, active and energised around people. She definitely seems to thrive from attention, and often being combative and competitive for that attention.


Being combative and competitive is an indicator of being low on agreeableness. Being high in extroversion and low in agreeableness is a combination that predicts narcissism. This combination of personality traits is disproportionately high within the acting profession.


Being high in neuroticism explains a few things about her personality. She seems to interpret things negatively. Being low in agreeableness and high in neuroticism is a combination that is associated with several different personality disorders, for example, borderline personality disorder.

Meghan Markle Personality Type – MBTI

Meghan Markle sits somewhere in between an extroverted intuitive feeling judger ENFJ and an ENTJ. She is very social and craves attention. She tilts towards the creative, suggesting she is intuitive. She also seems to be quick to judge, and led by her emotions, not naturally seeing things objectively. So, this suggests she is a feeling perceiver. However, she seems combative and competitive, which doesn’t fit with an intuitive feeler. So, perhaps she is a thinker, making her an intuitive thinker.                                                  

Final Comments

After watching interviews and podcasts, and listening to the analyses from trained professionals on her mental state. Also, seeing some of the accusations and evidence of lying, plus, many of her claims are not backed up by anything substantial, or backed up by anything at all in most cases. I’m definitely tilting towards the judgement that she is a manipulating narcissist, rather than a victim. She seems to have a desperation to be the centre of attention and to be of importance, and when she doesn’t get what she wants, the victim card comes out.

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