Amber Heard Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

This time we are analysing the personality type of Amber Heard, using the Big Five Personality Traits and the MBTI personality system. We will also be looking into other areas of her psychology and possible personality disorders.

Amber Heard personality type

Amber Heard is an American actress who has been in several movies. Some of these include; All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Pineapple Express, Never Back Down, The Joneses, Machete Kills, Justice League, and Aquaman. However, she is perhaps best known for marrying Johnny Depp, and perhaps even more so for the divorce and law suits that came after.

Amber Heard Personality Type – Big Five

Based on what I have seen, I would say that Amber Heard is moderate on the openness and consciousness scales. She also seems mostly extroverted with higher than average levels of attention-seeking.


Based on what I know of her, Amber Heard seems mostly disagreeable. Her motivation doesn’t seem to be to avoid confrontation. If she is really disagreeable, she might actually thrive from confrontation. Some of her claims in court have been proven to be false. For example, donating her divorce settlement to charity. Plus, a voice recording of her saying that people would believe her story of domestic abuse over Johnny’s story just because she is a woman.

This type of behaviour suggests manipulating tactics and low morality. She was perfectly willing to throw someone under the bus to benefit herself. Amber Heard is also low in the trust aspect, and is often competitive rather than cooperative. Much of her behaviour suggests low agreeableness.


I don’t think she is psychopathic, which would suggest very low levels of neuroticism. I would speculate that she may have borderline personality disorder (unstable emotions), and that a contributor to her emotional instability is that she is on the high end of the neuroticism scale.

She may also have narcissistic personality disorder. The combination of traits that make narcissism more likely is having high extroversion and low agreeableness (disagreeable).

Amber Heard Personality Type – MBTI

Amber Heard is an ESTP. She is extroverted, motivated by attention and popularity. She is a sensor, pays attention and lives in the moment, she is also practical and likes a lot of physical and sensory stimulation. As a thinker, she can be on the cold side, often lacking compassion. She seems to be competitive and tactically minded. As a perceiver, she likes freedom, and she can often go against norms and conventional standards.

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