The Weaponizing of Misinformation & Disinformation

What is misinformation, disinformation and how governments are weaponizing these terms?

Misinformation abstract.

Misinformation & disinformation are obviously the same as what is the truth, and what is not. The trouble is what is misinformation, and what is the truth? It should be obvious, however, it’s certainly not.

Much of the mainstream media, big tech, and governments seem to be in alignment with certain views and narratives. It’s those views and narratives that they deem to be the truth. However, are they?

Let us take a look at some examples of misinformation. In 2016, Donald Trump won the US presidential election. The mainstream media made continuous allegations of Russian election interference. It turns out, this was all complete nonsense. There has been no evidence what-so-ever to prove it was true.

These allegations seem to have originated from Hilary Clinton’s lawyer. It was a clear attempt at election interference in itself. This was misinformation that was continually reported on and pushed by the supposedly trusted mainstream media. The Mueller report found no evidence of Russian collusion or election interference.

The mainstream media and big tech suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story. They also labelled it as misinformation. However, the story turned out to be true. This is another example of election interference.

Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) is always being attacked by the mainstream, claiming that hate speech and misinformation is on the rise on the platform, without ever providing any evidence or giving any examples.

Google’s AI system called Gemini has been heavily criticized recently for misinformation and for its racism and historical inaccuracies.

There is more and more evidence coming to light about the mRNA Covid Vaccines causing serious injuries and health issues. However, most politicians and the mainstream media seem to want to suppress or ignore these findings.

When it was suggested that Covid came from a Wuhan laboratory leak, the mainstream called it a conspiracy theory, basically misinformation. Now it seems like the most likely explanation.

Climate change is another example. Suggesting that we are not facing an imminent catastrophe, even if this opinion comes from a scientist, it gets accused of being misinformation.  

Greta Thunberg appears to be reversing course on some of her extremist predictions. She also struggles to answer some basic questions about the science.

It seems that when certain government bodies like the EU talk about clamping down on misinformation, what they mean is, they don’t want their narratives and political views being challenged or questioned. It’s another attempt to shut down political opposition, and therefore to erode democracy.     

These people are trying to entangle their own political views with being the purveyors of truth. So, what they say is the truth, and anything else is misinformation or disinformation. This is to demonise political opposition and alternative views.

This is all about control and power. The arrogance, delusion, and disingenuous nature of these people is probably the biggest threat to this world.

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