Will human irrationality kill us all & possible WW3?

Will human irrationality kill us all via World War 3, modified viruses, or the result of some other human action?

War & Nuclear Weapons

I remember learning about the Second World War in school, and being taught about the destructiveness of nuclear weapons. This was in the 90s, and already then nuclear weapons were in much greater numbers, but they were also much more powerful with the invention of the hydrogen bomb.

Some believe that a global nuclear war could cause a nuclear winter that would block out the sun, and kill off most of the human global population within months. I remember thinking that this would never happen because it would be an act of absolute insanity and irrationality.

After paying attention to current events and trying to understand them, I am no longer so optimistic about human rationality winning out. Most people are not rational; they instead are led by their beliefs, biases, ego, and basically their emotions. People in general are batshit crazy, and this includes many of our leaders and those with power.

Many of the insane beliefs that led to millions of people being killed in the twentieth century are alive and well in our current day. It would be nice to believe that things have changed, and that humans have psychologically evolved. However, unfortunately not, the same story is playing out, just in a different direction, and by a different group of people demonizing another group of people.

Other ways we could end ourselves?

There are labs conducting gain of function research. Gain of function research is the genetic experimentation and modification of organisms like viruses. The last I heard a lab leak was the mostly likely explanation for the origins of Covid. In my opinion, the seriousness of Covid was greatly exaggerated. However, there could be a far more deadly virus in those labs. One could argue that the process of trying to make viruses more deadly is irrational.

Food is also being genetically modified. Other enhancements and developments in technology, including treatments and vaccines. Many if any of the negative consequences of these technologies will likely take years and decades to surface. Much of the motivation for these developments is money, control, and power. The arrogant self-interested desire of a few people could result in the extinction of the human race.

Polluting our own planet, which could be included here. However, I don’t want to contribute to the climate change hysteria. The climate activists are irrational lunatics in their own way.    

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia has often been the target of demonization way before the conflict began. Russia was blamed for the Trump win in 2016, and also the Brexit vote. There are plenty of other countries to criticize due to the government’s treatment of its citizens, but Russia always seems to be the target.

I honestly believe that there are some very powerful people that don’t want a peace deal being made between Ukraine and Russia. Their irrational hatred towards Russia is so strong that they are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of people in this conflict in order to weaken Russia.

There are also many people that believe that this war is unwinnable for Ukraine, simply because they don’t have the numbers to keep on fighting. All the money and weapons in the world are useless if there is no one left alive to use them. So, the only way this war can be won is if NATO actually puts boots on the ground. This seriously escalates the war, therefore increasing the chance of nuclear weapons being used.

To answer the original question, I think it’s far more likely than I once believed.

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