Vaccine Hesitancy – Psychology & Motivations

Looking into the psychology and motivations of those who are vaccinated, and those who are none-vaccinated, and generally have vaccine hesitancy. I want to explore this situation and give reasons why I don’t support mandatory vaccinations. Also, why there is hesitancy by many, not just to the vaccines, but the motivations of those pushing and supporting it.

Vaccine hesitancy, psychology and motivations.

Mandatory Vaccinations – Yes or No Motivations & Psychology

Should there be mandatory vaccinations? This is a very divisive question, and there is a simple answer on both sides. However, I believe the argument against is generally far more complicated and difficult to see. Also, being hesitant or against one particular vaccination, doesn’t mean someone is against all vaccinations.

Vaccine mandates are an attack on civil liberties and bodily autonomy. I believe strongly that these should not be threatened, especially for this virus, it’s just not serious enough. This opinion comes from the research that I have done so far.

Those who say yes to mandatory vaccinations believe a few things. Firstly, they believe that the virus is very serious, causing serious illness and death in a great many people. They also believe absolutely that the vaccine is the best or only solution to the pandemic. They seem to also think that all doctors and scientists think the same. All of these beliefs come from simply believing the mainstream, or dominant view, the view that is pushed by what seems like the majority of politicians and the main stream media. In this article I aim to provide an alternative view, in which I will include references and sources to back up the alternative side. This process will be ongoing.

Dr Steve James questioning the NHS vaccine mandate.

Why Does the Mainstream Push this view?

There will not be one simple reason, but rather a combination of reasons and motivations. One reason is that the centre point has shifted to the left side of the political spectrum, and the left tends to support views which are focused around compassion. If there is a virus that can harm people, then the lefts view would be to save lives, hence lockdowns and masks. However, it’s not that simple, because how serious the virus is, is questionable by many, and for good reasons.

It's easier to fool people. Mark Twain.

Also, how affective are the lockdowns and masks, and how serious is the collateral damage that is caused by locking down and shutting down businesses, parks and beaches. It’s difficult to answer because the full truth will likely take years to fully understand, if it’s even allowed to be fully known.

The idea of lock downs for compassionate reasons is a very simple one which doesn’t take into account details, including side-effects. Due to the left swing, political parties are under great opposition and pressure from those who focus on the simple compassionate arguments. The attacks are simply to focus on the death tolls, even resorting to accusations of murder, perhaps mostly indirectly, but the implication is there. These accusations hold great power, and influence political decisions, even if they’re not fully backed up by the science. Wearing masks is a good example of this. Only certain types of masks are effective, and in certain conditions. Many will only stop water droplets from coughs and sneezes, but not the virus particles themselves as the particles are much smaller than the gaps in the fibers in the cloth, as well as with the common disposable masks.

Bret Weinstein professor of biology, and Heather Heying evolutionary biologist talking about this.

How serious is covid-19

The misconception about how dangerous it’s is staggering. The main stream media and governments have exaggerated the seriousness of the disease right from the start. The overall mortality rate is around 1, 1.5%, it’s higher in certain cities due to the nursing home mishandling. This was true in New York and in parts of the UK, which reached around a 2% morality rate. Plus, the majority of those suffering the most severe symptoms were already suffering from existing health conditions, and are in the high risk age groups. Obesity is also a big factor in hospitalization rates, as a CDC report brings to light. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/78-of-covid-19-patients-hospitalized-in-the-us-overweight-or-obese-cdc-finds.html   

There have been several polls, with large percentages of the populations believing that the chances of hospitalization for Covid was higher than 40% if infected. In reality, it’s much less. The misinformation and exaggeration by governments and the mainstream media is responsible for this. Fear is often used by governments to gain more control and power. Plus, the media love to push the negative narrative, it’s better for ratings.

Vaccine Mandates

In many parts of the world vaccine mandates and passports are being considered and imposed by governments. Again, the motivation behind this is very simple, get vaccinated to save lives, not much thinking or research is required to support this view. It also provides a nice shield for governments, no matter how mishandled this pandemic has been, they have a particular group of people that they can blame and demonize, (The Unvaccinated), it’s a nice defence or deflection. I suspect that the more incompetent the government, the more they will blame the unvaccinated for their mishandling of the situation and their incompetence. Those unthinking, fearful and unquestioning people that are desperate to feel virtuous will simply just lap it up.

It caters to those who wish to virtue signal. They have a simple argument, you’re a bad person if you don’t get vaccinated. These sorts of thoughts are completely devoid of details, research, and any kind of independent thought. 

Vaccine mandates don’t take into account individual circumstances, age, life style and general health. They also don’t take into account possible side effects and problems arising from the vaccines. The vaccines also differ from the common conventional type, to the MRNA vaccines. Some doctors and researchers are concerned about a link between the MRNA vaccines to an increase in people suffering with heart problems, including heart attacks and strokes.

Vaccine Hesitancy & Distrust in So-called Experts

Personality Psychology & Vaccine Hesitancy

There are certain personality traits on the big five traits, or combinations of those traits that make it more likely for people to get or resist the vaccination. This is medium to low in trait openness and high in consciousness, particularly orderliness. These people are less likely to seek answers outside of the conventional media, they will rely on mainstream media and politician’s, and assume they’re unbiased and giving them the correct advice. Following the science you might say.

People high in openness also tend to appreciate and value personal freedom more, including freedom of their own body. They are much more likely to value liberty, and bodily autonomy.

The other personality trait that is likely to be a factor is trait agreeableness. People low in agreeableness are more likely to resist authority. People in general don’t like being told what to do. However, this is especially true with low agreeableness people. The vaccine being pushed on people will trigger that rebellious aspect of them. They also tend to be a bit more self-interested, or selfish, with perhaps more focus on things rather than people.

High agreeableness people tend to hate confrontation. They are more likely to conform to the majority view, just to keep the peace, and avoid problems or conflicts. Highly agreeable people are more focused on feelings, and are usually less logical and rational.  


The simple step of a courageous individual quote.

Politician’s and media thought out history have loved to blame and demonize others, particularly groups of people for the problems of societies. This was done in Germany before and during world war 2, obviously targeting the Jews. Also, in the Soviet Union where they particularly targeted land owners and the wealthy, accusing anyone who owned propriety for the crime of thief.

This is happening right now, as politician’s regularly target billionaires such as Elon Musk for not paying taxes and free loading. Despite the fact that many of these politician’s are very wealthy themselves, such as Elizabeth Warren, it’s a nice easy way to pass on the blame, and relieve themselves of responsibility and accountability.

Now you are seeing the blame being passed on to the none-vaccinated. It’s the same demonetization strategy that has been seen before. It can be a deflection tactic that governments use to distract from their own failings. Many people will just fall inline, and it gives them an opportunity to seem moral, and to generally feel good about themselves.

It’s also common for governments to seek more and more power and control, you don’t have to look too hard to find examples of this. So, even if 100 percent vaccination was achieved, those in charge are likely to try and keep hold of their newly acquired powers.

Alternative Treatments & Medications

Alternative treatments exist, including Monocional Antibodies, Ivermectin and increasing your vitamin D levels. Many reports are showing a strong connection to conditions caused by lifestyle choices, such as obesity and suffering with more severe symptoms from covid. You would think there would be a bigger push for healthier living. This was promoted in the UK very briefly, then that message was quickly forgotten, and the vaccine was the only option pushed.

Doctors & Scientists Alternative Views – List

Peter McCullough – MD

Doug Corrigan – Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Richard Urso – MD

Pierre Kory – MD

Kris Held – MD

Aaron Kheriaty – MD

Mary Talley Bowden – MD

Gareth Davies – Scientist

Linda Benskin – Phd Researcher

Bret Weinstein – Professor of Biology

Heather Haying – Evolutionary Biologist

Jordan Peterson – Psychologist & Social Scientist

Robert Malone – Virologist & Immunologist

Mike Yeadon – Scientific Advisor

Plus many more, this will be continually updated.

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