Christina Chubbuck Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

We are taking a look at the personality type of Christina Chubbuck, first using the big five personality traits, the MBTI, and other aspects of her psychology.

Christina Chubbuck personality type.

Christina Chubbuck was an American television reporter working for the Sarasota (Florida) WTOG and WXLT-TV stations. On the 15th of July 1974, she committed suicide live on air. She was the first person to commit suicide live on television.

Christina Chubbuck Personality Type – Big Five

She seemed high on openness because of her interest in ideas and intellectual curiosity, which was probably a motivator for her turning to a career in news reporting and journalism. She also had a lot of different interests which is associated with high openness. However, I would say that she was lower on the interest in aesthetics aspect. This is the creative aspect, and a general appreciation for aesthetics. 

She was possibly high in conscientiousness, which could be in part a reason for her conservative and somewhat bland dress sense. Her bland dress sense was perhaps due to a combination of high conscientiousness and low aesthetic sensitivity. Generally, she had a strong work ethic; she wanted to do a good job.

I think she was on the lower end of the extroversion scale. However, I’m not certain of this; she could possibly nudge over to the extroverted side. She didn’t seem motivated by impulsive pleasure-seeking, and not obviously high in positive emotions. She also seemed to be oblivious to how social status works. This includes a lack of interest in things like fashion, which was also another likely contributor to her appearance and lack of style. She did have a fair amount of confidence, which was needed for her line of work.

She tended to be mostly straight talking and interested in the truth, rather than sparing or considering the emotions of others. Being low on agreeableness is also connected to having an interest in things, rather than people. This could be a part explanation for her difficultly with understanding people.

I would place her on the high end of the neuroticism scale. She seemed to have difficulty with negative emotions, and at times seemed unstable. However, in some aspects, such as self-consciousness, she didn’t seem particularly high in. She was able to work in front of cameras without much obvious difficulty.

She also seemed to get stressed easily and was often un-relaxed in her movements. She often displayed insecurities and reportedly had issues with depression. Apparently, she attempted suicide in 1970 via a prescription medication overdose.          

Christina Chubbuck Personality Type – MBTI

Christina was possibly an INTP or INTJ, perhaps somewhere in between. She was most likely introverted. She seemed more like a big picture thinker, and motivated by important issues, and has classic liberal views. This is more in line with being an intuitive type. To me she seemed more like a judger type, because she had a more rigid conservative side to her, with a high work ethic. She was also led by logic, making her a thinker type.

Her issue with emotions suggests that she had inferior feeling. INTP’s have inferior feeling, and her emotions were extroverted, so, extroverted feeling (Fe). For that reason, I’m going with an INTP with a strong judging function.  

Final Comments

She struggled to fit in and understand the world; much of this can be explained by her personality traits. She prioritized logic, which most people don’t. Her job required her to go against her desire for logic and moral values.

TV stations require ratings to survive, and the station she last worked for was struggling. The station was shifting to negative, trivial, and sensationalized stories in order to attract more views. I believe this contributed to her frustration and confusion.

She also had a close relationship with her mother, and her mother was a big part of her social life. When her mother got into a relationship, this affected her in a couple of ways. Firstly, it took her mother’s attention away. Secondly, she may have been jealous of her mother’s relationship, or it made her own relationship issues more obvious.

She also had a romantic interest in one of her co-workers. When she discovered he was leaving because of a promotion, and also discovering that he was likely romantically involved with another co-worker. It sent her spiralling down even further.

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