Freddy Krueger Personality Type – MBTI & Psychology

What is the personality type and psychology of the iconic ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ horror movie character, which is Freddy Krueger? Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the dark triad traits.

Freddy Krueger Personality & MBTI

Freddy Krueger was created by Wes Craven. He’s the villain in the horror movie series ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. The first original movie was released in 1984. There have since been several sequels and a remake of the first movie.

Freddy Krueger was a child serial killer in the town of Springwood. Freddy was caught by the police. However, he was released before he could be sentenced due to technical error when he was captured.

This angered the parents and it sent them down a path of vigilante justice. The vengeful group of parents chased him down and trapped him in an abandoned building where he used to take his victims. While Freddy was cornered and trapped, the mob set the building on fire, burning him alive.

While Freddy was in hell, a demon offered him the chance to continue his killings, and to also get revenge on the parents that burned him alive.

Freddy Krueger Psychology & The Dark Triad

Freddy Krueger is definitely a sadistic psychopath, which is one of the dark triad traits. He is also a chronic manipulator, making him high on the machiavellianism trait. So, he is at least high on two of the three traits of the dark triad.

On the big five traits, being a psychopath relates to being very low on the traits of neuroticism and agreeableness. This means he has very low levels of anxiety and he doesn’t get stressed easily. He also has very low levels of compassion and morality.

A possible motivator for being a sadistic psychopath is to also be very low on the trait of orderliness, and the emotion of disgust. This could cause someone to get pleasure from creating disorder and death, especially mutilation. Serial killers also often have a very strong motivation to have power over others. The ultimate desire for them is to have the power of life and death over someone.     

Freddy Krueger Personality Type – MBTI

Freddy is a (very unhealthy) extroverted, sensing, thinking, perceiver (ESTP). He’s assertive, confident and often joking, which suggests a fairly extroverted character. I’m not too certain about whether he is a sensing or intuitive type. However, my intuition is nudging me to him being a sensation type, so we will go with that. He definitely seems like an unhealthy thinker type. He lacks compassion, obviously, and he is also very disagreeable. Freddy doesn’t seem to have any of the characteristics of a judger, or someone who was high on conscientiousness. His passion is his play, and in his case, his play is murder.

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