Nigel Farage Psychology, Personality Type & MBTI

Analysing the psychology of the Reform party leader Nigel Farage, including his motivations, and personality type, including his MBTI type.

Nigel Farage Personality Type

Nigel Farage, born on April 3, 1964, is a British politician who has played a significant role in UK politics. He served as the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) from 2006 to 2009 and again from 2010 to 2016. Farage was also a member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2020. In 2019, he launched the Brexit Party, which later became Reform UK in June 2024, with Farage as its leader.

In 2010, Nigel survived a plane crash while he was campaigning for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Nigel Farage’s net worth is estimated to be around £3.2 million. He made headlines recently due to Coutts bank closing his account. Some suggest this banking scandal was politically motivated, so, possible political persecution.

Nigel Farage – Big Five Personality Traits


Tolerance will reach such a level. Quote.

Nigel is definitely high on most aspects of openness. He has a high interest in intellectual and complex subjects. Despite being classed as a conservative, he’s actually more like a classic liberal in his views. For example, he values democracy and free speech. He also seems to have an adventurous temperament, which is also associated with high openness.  


High conscientiousness, particularly the sub-traits of orderliness and dutifulness are predictors of conservative political views. The fact that he has accomplished a lot in the business world, politics, and then as a TV presenter, suggests a strong work ethic, which is associated with high conscientiousness. Another indicator of high conscientiousness is being a supporter of capitalism.     


Nigel Farage is fairly high on the extroverted trait. He’s confident, assertive, has a high activity level, and he generally shows high levels of positive emotion. He highly values being friendly, and having a good sense of humour. He also shows high levels of reward sensitivity, which is apparent from his fondness for a drink and a smoke.


Nigel is generally low on agreeableness. People low on agreeableness tend to be more blunt and direct with their words. This is absolutely true with Nigel Farage, He’s straight talking, he doesn’t bow down to politically correct views. This trait generally makes him more honest than the majority of politicians, and people in general. Disagreeable people also tend to move away from far-left and overly compassionate views.


He’s clearly low on the neuroticism trait. He performs very well under pressure. In fact, he may thrive from it. He seems to have low levels of anxiety, self-consciousness, and he doesn’t anger easily despite being the subject to a great deal of verbal abuse over the years.

Because Nigel is high in openness, and also high in conscientiousness, he has classic liberal views, and he also values conservative beliefs. High conscientiousness and low agreeableness is a personality mixture that tends to dislike socialist views.

Nigel Farage MBTI

On the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) I think Nigel is an ENTJ. Extroverted, outgoing, friendly and assertive. Intuitive, big picture thinking, good at seeing connections and patterns. Thinking, logical, rational, direct and blunt. Judging, strong work ethic, organised with a respect for tradition, and other conservative values.   

Comments & Analysis

Nigel seems very well-educated in politics and history. I think his intelligence is way above the average politician. His intelligence combined with education leads to a great ability to think critically about complex issues.

I think Nigel Farage is partly motivated by his patriotism. He sees the one-sided attacks on western values and on its history, which seem to be increasing, and the general decline of the UK. He brings a much-needed balance back into politics in the UK.

There needs to be a centre left, and a centre right party. That is where the Reform party comes in, because the Conservative party is mostly in line with the far-left globalists. Two sides are needed for democracy to work, in order to prevent one side going too far, and becoming too extreme.

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