Why The Reform Party Needs to do Well in the UK Election?

Why the Reform party need to do well in the upcoming UK July general election? Also, why are we seeing a political shift across Europe?

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Democracy Needs Opposing Views

In order for democracy to function, you need two opposing sides. One side should be more on the left liberal side. The other side should be on the conservative right-leaning side. If there is balance, the two opposing sides will keep each other in check, and prevent one side from going too far. If the public feel that the current party in power is becoming too extreme, they can vote for the other party.

In the UK, the Labour Party and the Conservative party are supposed to represent this balance. However, in the last few decades, things have tilted further and further to the left. People like Elon Musk said that he always considered himself to be a left-leaning liberal, but by today’s standards, he is considered more of a right-leaning conservative. His political views have not changed, it’s the political landscape that has shifted.

Both the main political parties have been affected by this political landscape shift. So, now, the conservative party is becoming more and more left-leaning. There are actual conservatives in the party, however, they don’t seem to have the power to direct the party. The evidence for this is the Conservatives’ inability or unwillingness to reduce the levels of immigration.

The main reason for the Brexit vote, and the dominant conservative 2019 general election vote was to reduce immigration. Since Britain supposedly left the European Union, legal and illegal immigration has increased. High immigration is left wing ideology and policy. Actions mean more than words, and their actions are certainly not conservative.

If the two main parties are far left-leaning, there is no alternative, no balance, and no democracy.

How has the left become so dominant?

Incomplete education is one reason. I was taught in school about the evils of the far right, the Nazis and Hitler. However, there was nothing or very little taught about the problems with extreme left-wing ideologies and governments. For example, the millions that died as the result of the Soviet Union, Stalin, and Communism. This is likely largely why some people think that the left is good, and the right is bad. It’s a simple and ignorant view that attacks democracy.   

Perfectly reasonable political views have been demonized. The idea of controlling borders and the levels of immigration is often attacked as racist and fascist. Controlling borders and immigration is considered a matter of national security.

The number of people on X (formerly known as Twitter) attacking Nigel Farage, and the Reform UK party as racist and fascist, is crazy, it’s partly fascist in itself. They are attempting to shut down conversations and reasonable political opinions. When asked to justify their accusations by defining terms and providing examples, they never can. They make claims, yet provide no evidence. They lie and manipulate anyway they can to try and subvert democracy. Many of these people are good examples of people with dark triad traits, psychopaths, narcissists and manipulators. Projection is another psychological phenomenon that explains their behaviour. These people I encounter don’t give intelligent criticisms, but rather just trashy insults, and outright lies and attempts at manipulation. If you have to lie and cheat to win, you know you are on the wrong side.

Vengeful disguised as judges. Nietzsche.

The strategy of labelling people as racist and fascist is no longer working. People in the western world seem to be waking up. The result of the latest European elections show, things are shifting to the right of the political spectrum. Some leaders like Macron are saying that they won’t give up their power, with the main justification being that their political opponents are far-right Nazis, climate change deniers, or that they are simply stupid and voted wrong. They will say anything to maintain their power. Demonizing and discrediting their political opponents justifies virtually any action or dishonest tactic. Part of their strategy is creating fear, which is used to gain more power and control.

Vote Reform for Balance & Democracy

Democracy is definitely not perfect, but it’s way better than the alternative (dictatorship). A vote for Reform is to bring balance to the world of politics.

Some seem to think that democracy is them getting their own way. We all like to think that we are right, and that our views are superior morally and intellectually. This is simply ego gone out of control, combined with conformity and the fear of alienation.

Most people with strong political views don’t even research things properly, rather believing the first thing that they hear. Many people seem to form opinions that derive from feelings rather than facts. With others simply following their peer group.

It seems certain that Labour will comfortably win this election. However, the Reform Party can achieve its goal without winning. There just needs to be that pressure, that opposition to force the other parties back towards the centre.

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