Robert Downey Jr Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

Answering the question, what is the personality type of Robert Downey Jr, using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Big Five Personality Traits.

Robert Downey Jr is an American Actor. Some of his most well known movies include: Weird Science, Air America, Natural Born Killers, Restoration, One Night Stand, U.S. Marshals, In Dreams, Gothika, Zodiac, Tropic Thunder, Sherlock Holmes, and Marvels Iron Man, and The Avengers movies.

Robert Downey Jr Personality Type – Big Five


I would say that Robert Downey Jr is fairly high on trait openness. He seems to have a creative mind, some people describe him as a person that is always coming up with new ideas. He also seems to have an adventurous personality that seeks new experiences. He also has classic liberal values, so supporting free speech, which is associated with having high openness.


I would place Robert Downey Jr on the mid to low end on the conscientiousness scale. Again, he seems more liberal rather than conservative in temperament, which suggests low conscientiousness. Those who have issues with drug use also tend to be lower in conscientiousness.


I also think he is on the low end of trait agreeableness, so tilting towards being disagreeable. I come to this conclusion because there are many examples of him being confrontational with interviewers and reporters when he is asked questions that he is not comfortable with. There is one interview that I have seen where he ended it early by walking out on the interviewer.


Robert Downey Jr seems naturally assertive and vocal. He tends to have a relatively strong focus on people, and he is charismatic, often using creative humour. He seems to be able to build a rapport with people quickly. So, I would say he is at the extroverted end of the scale. High extroversion is also connected to impulsive pleasure-seeking or instant gratification. This may be a factor in his past drug use.


Robert Downey Jr has reportedly suffered from depression, and he was also once diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This suggests he may have issues with negative emotions, and generally regulating emotions. This could explain some of his past unpredictable and erratic behaviour. It could also explain some of his drug and alcohol use. So, he is likely high in at least some aspects of trait neuroticism.  

Robert Downey Jr Personality Type – MBTI

Robert Downey Jr MBTI type is an ENTP. He is extroverted, creative and unique with his thinking, so intuitive. He can often be blunt and straight talking, which makes him more of a thinker. He also seems flexible and open with his thinking, rather than structured and conservative like a judging type. So, he is a perceiver.

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