James T. Kirk Personality Type – MBTI & Big Five

What is the personality type of the Star Trek character, Captain James Tiberius Kirk? I will mostly be using the Big Five Personality Traits, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for this analysis.

Captain James Kirk Personality Type.

James T. Kirk is the most well-known character in the Star Trek universe, and the captain of the most well-known ship in the federation. This ship, of course, is the Star Ship Enterprise.

James T. Kirk Personality – Big Five


James Kirk is high in the trait of openness. There are a few things about his character and life choices that suggest this. Firstly, he works in space, and space is very open. Secondly, Kirk often moves away from conventions and traditions. James Kirk tends to have a dislike for rules, and often goes against authority. There are many examples of this rebellious type of behaviour in the many depictions of Kirk.

He also displays open and out of the box thinking during his star fleet admittance test, the (Kobayashi Maru). He breaks the rules to win the test, a test that was intentionally designed to be unwinnable. This is a strong example of disliking restrictions and limitations. This is all associated with someone that is high in openness.    


James Kirk is not particularly high in trait conscientiousness, especially in his early years. He shows a preference for play over duty and work. He also has a casual and laid back demeanour. He seems to develop a more conscientious personality as he gets older. Overall, I would say he is somewhere in the middle of the conscientiousness trait scale.


Kirk seems to tilt more towards being extroverted on the scale. It’s not too obvious where to place him on the scale. However, a slightly extroverted personality is probably about right.


Many times, Kirk shows his competitive side, and he is not afraid of confrontation. This suggests he is on the lower side of the agreeableness scale.


James Kirk is also low on trait neuroticism. An indicator of this, he is good under pressure. In fact, he has a great ability to function well under pressure and stress. His life is constantly in danger. This is not a job for someone that is high in neuroticism, and that can be overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions.

James T. Kirk Personality Type – MBTI

James Kirk is a ESTP. He tilts more towards extroversion. He seems like more of a sensor, however, he does show aspects of a creative mind, which is more in line with being dominant with intuition. His thinking function seems more dominant, he is generally straight talking and combative. Being a natural rebel and a free thinker suggests he is a perceiver.

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