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How to become more self confident? Having a high self-image or self-confidence can help you get the most out of life.

It’s clear to most of us that those people with high self confidence tend to get more out of life. Confident people tend to go for what they want because they believe they can achieve something, and they also believe they deserve it. People with high confidence tend to voice their opinions more often than those that have low self-confidence or a low self-esteem. This is partly because confident people believe that other people want to listen to their opinions, and they also believe people value their thoughts.

However, confidence is not always such an easy thing to judge, a person can be very confident in some areas of their lives but not in others. One simple example would be, somebody who was very intelligent and very confident in achieving well at academics. However, they could be under developed physically or have poor coordination, therefore resulting in a lack of confidence when taking part in physical activities.

What is Arrogance – Hubris?

This is basically over confidence. This is when a person believes they’re better at something than they actually are, or if someone thinks they have knowledge in a subject when in fact they do not. Arrogance or hubris can be very counter productive and even dangerous to our lives. Many people are not aware of the fact that they suffer from over confidence. Self-awareness and an open-mind is what is needed to begin to correct this problem.

Sometimes when people suffer from a deep routed low self-confidence issue the subconscious mind can seek to balance itself out. The subconscious mind looks for ways to increase your confidence, and it looks for opportunities to do this. For example, somebody might receive a complement and it may give them a confidence boost, perhaps resulting in over confidence or hubris. However, they will more than likely come crashing down at some point, possibly harming their confidence/self-image even more in the long term.

Ways to become more self confident?

Discover Yourself

Figure out who you really are, this may seem a silly thing to say but many people really don’t know themselves, they don’t know what they want out of life, and they don’t know what they’re capable of. In order to find out more about yourself you’ll have to dedicate a decent amount of time into trying to figure this out.

Don’t seek approval

When we seek approval from other people it takes away some of the control we have over our own confidence. A strong independent person doesn’t really seek the approval from other people. Instead they seek approval only from themselves, and they create their own standards by how they’re judged.

Learning New Skills

Learning new skills is a good way to boost confidence. The more skills you develop you’ll begin to feel a sense of achievement, and you’ll begin to understand what potential you have. This will further increase your confidence in your abilities.

Improve Your Fitness

Poor fitness and being over weight can have a large impact on a persons confidence. Sometimes it can be a main factor for some people. For other people their physical condition may only have a small influence, but improving fitness is always a good idea.

Don’t Let People Define You

Sometimes when you do or say something, people will interpret it in different ways, and they will judge you based on their interpretations. Some people allow these incorrect interpretations to define who they’re. Instead develop a strong identity, know yourself as a person with a strong character and morals that can’t be influenced by the wrong people. See locus of control and social status for related information.

Face Your Fears

Facing and over coming your fears is a great way to build self confidence. As you face and over come your fears you start to realize what is possible for you. You begin to realize your potential.

Affirmations & Positive Self Talk

Affirmations can be very effective for increasing your self-esteem. Repeating positive statements over and over again can influence our subconscious minds.

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