Top 10 Myths About Introverts

Introverts are often misunderstood, their actions or inaction’s can be interpreted incorrectly. Here is the top 10 myths about introverts.10 myths about introverts

10 Myths About Introverts

They are strange

Introverts tend not to follow the crowd, preferring to follow their own path. Fitting in with society is not a priority and they challenge the societal norms. They are less interested in being popular and more interested in thinking for themselves and living their lives by their own standards. See benefits of not fitting in.

They don’t like to be in public places

They do! just not for as long. They soon become tired of being out in public because they take in the experience and information faster. This causes them to soon seek their private alone time to reflex on the day’s events.

Introversion is just shyness

Being an introvert is not the same as being shy, shyness is to do with social confidence and feeling comfortable. Introversion is a psychological preference, they often need a reason to talk, talking just for the sake of it is not something that introverts need or seek.

They don’t like to talk

Introverts do like talking, they just want to talk about something that interests them, they dislike small talk and generally don’t need as much social interaction.

They don’t like fun

Fun is subjective, what is fun for one person may not be for another. Extroverts make up the majority of society so extroverted behavior becomes the norm. Introverts love to have fun, their idea of fun maybe just not as extreme and not what the common masses do.

They don’t like people

Not true, they greatly value their close friends, introvert are more private people, preferring only to talk about personal issues with trusted friends. They prefer qualities such as honesty, loyalty and people with integrity.

They always want to be alone

This is just an exaggeration of the truth, they enjoy their own company and their own thoughts. Introverts enjoy having projects to be involved with and having problems to solve, they like to immerse themselves in their own world. They enjoy the company of the trusted few.

They are rude

It can seem this way sometimes, introverts tend not to think about social niceties as much. They prefer a more straight talking approach which can come across as harsh. Thinking about social niceties and trying to fit in can be hard work for them and they can find it very tiring and mentally draining.

They are geeks or nerds

Introverts tend to be less aware of what is going on around them, they are often more stimulated by their own thoughts and ideas rather than the outside world. Because they are less tuned into the social norms they are seen as nerdy.

Introverts can be fixed and turned into Extroverts

Just because a way of behaving has become the social norm doesn’t mean it’s the correct way of living, it’s just simply more common. Just remember the majority of scientists, inventors and generally gifted members of society are introverts. The world would be a worse place without introverts, so don’t try and change them. How to succeed if you’re introverted.

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