The benefits of not fitting into societal norms

What are the benefits of not fitting into society and not focusing on what is considered to be normal and being like everybody else?

Value of not fitting into society & being different.

What is your focus, trying to fit in with everybody else or do you prefer to embrace your individuality.

Most people are just trying to fit in and they worry greatly about how they are perceived by others. Their goal is to fit into society, influencing how they dress, what car they drive and even what they say and how they act. These people make up the majority of the population and they are very important to a stable society.

Then we have those that like to do things a little bit different. These people value their independence, uniqueness, creativity and expression above the need to fit in. Because they don’t focus on fitting in with the norm they often tend to do things differently which again can be seen in how they dress and how they talk, the language that they use and how they act. These people are a minority in society but they make up an important part of it.

The benefits of fitting into society are obvious and the people that focus on fitting in gain greatly from it. These people generally make friends easier, don’t get judged for being different and their lives generally run smoothly as they seek to be normal and like everybody else.

The others that don’t try as hard to fit in, the minorities can sometimes seem problematic to society. Not focusing on fitting in can lead to problems when it comes to getting on with people which can naturally lead to conflicts, issues with people in the work place will be more likely. Different behaviors are often prone to being judged by others, being different is often feared by a group which can lead to individuals being alienated and even being outcast from that group.

While they can cause problems they do also benefit our society

The negative side of everybody just trying to fit in is a lack of innovation. When everybody is so focused on just fitting in, they close their minds to and can even become hostile to change. However change and being able to adapt is sometimes necessary to succeed or to survive.

This is very much true in business, this need for social stability and fitting in is often the reason some people get jobs or positions and maintain those positions because they have good connections within a business despite perhaps this person not being the best or most qualified to hold that position or job. When you don’t have the best people doing a job because they are simply there to maintain social stability, problems may arise when times are tough in business. Business may fail if the best people are not doing the right jobs.

Sometimes the best person to turn something around is an outsider and an innovator. Somebody who can mix things up and introduce new ideas and ways of thinking and who is not so focused on simply fitting in.

Many of the best inventors have been people that are a little different. Innovators tend to be original thinkers that are not so concerned with fitting in with the social norms.

So if you know somebody that is a bit different, give them the benefit of the doubt. Them and others like them have contributed massively to the human race and have probably benefited your life in someway.





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