Naomi Misora Personality Type – MBTI

Looking into the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type of the Death Note character, Naomi Misora, to analyse her personality.

Death Note Naomi Misora MBTI

Naomi Misora Personality Type – MBTI

Naomi Misora is an INFJ personality on the MBTI.

INFJs are perhaps the rarest of all the different personality types. This makes Naomi Misora a very rare and unique individual.

She is very in tune with and often led by her intuition. Her intuitions are often correct, without the need to think about a situation. She often has very unique thoughts. Her unique thinking is good for creativity and coming up with different ideas.

Naomi Misora is often selfless, often placing the needs of others before her own. However, sometimes she can neglect herself because she is so focused on others’ needs and relationships. She also highly values her morals and personal ethics.

Naomi Misora tends to be very idealistic, but at times not very realistic, and lacks and struggles with practical skills and tasks. Introvert Intuitives can also be very private people at times. So, she is very interested in people and their relationships, but she is often reluctant to share personal information about herself.

She will often spend time in her own head daydreaming and self-reflecting.