How To Overcome Fear?

Being controlled by fear can be a very limiting and life restricting condition. However, fortunately many fears can be overcome.

How to overcome fear

Fear is a normal and healthy emotion which can trigger us to flee from a dangerous and possibly life threatening situation. Fear is also often triggered by anticipation of physical or emotional pain.

While fear can be a healthy emotion to help us avoid dangerous situations which is very rational and understandable. However, some of the things that we fear are not rational or helpful at all. Fear can sometimes go out of control and limit our lives greatly if it’s not handled.

Sometimes our fears are imagined which could be due to having low confidence and a poor self-image. Living with these issues will lead to an over exaggerated fear of rejection. Which could prevent a person from taking certain risks, reaching their potential, and even leading a full life.

Tips for overcoming fear

Accept your fear

It’s very important not to deny that your fear exists. Except it, and understand that the fear is reducing the quality of your life, (depending on what that fear is). Don’t deny that the problem exists.

Pick it apart

If you can really think about your fear, pick it apart and analyse it. That understanding alone may help to reduce the fear that you have and the control it has over your life.

Face your fear

This is going to be the best and most effective way to overcome your fear. Whatever you’re afraid of, you must face it head on. Once you do face your fear, no matter whether the outcome is a positive one or negative one, the experience can be very liberating. Once that you realize that you can overcome your fears, you start to see the potential for yourself. It can even become an additive experience.

Make the decision

Make the decision that you’re going to do whatever it takes to overcome your fear. Set goals and challenges for yourself. If it’s important to you make it one of your main goals in life.

I know from personal experience just how serious and limiting fear can be. Depending what that fear is, it can be very difficult to overcome. However, most fears can be overcome for the majority of people!

Fear is strongly connected to anxiety. See the related page, How to get rid of anxiety for more.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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