iPhone IOS vs Android Users – Different Personalities?

Why do some people go for the Apple iPhone IOS and others prefer an Android phone? Could this choice reveal certain traits about a particular person’s personality?

iPhone vs Android Personalities

iPhone IOS vs Android Personalities

iPhone Users

The research suggests people who go for the iPhone tend to be of a younger age, and it’s also a more popular choice with women. This is likely to be because these two groups put less thought into the process of choosing their phone. They simply go for the more popular choice and brand name.

Also these two groups are less likely to be concerned with the technical and value comparisons of the two types of phones. They choose an iPhone because of the brand, popularity and probably assume it is the superior choice.

iPhone users are also more likely to be extroverted, more outgoing with a stronger desire for the attainment of social status and social interaction. They see their phone as a status symbol and are less likely to be interested in all the different functions of the phone. They’re likely to buy the latest iPhone even if there is nothing wrong with their old one, simply so they can brag about having the latest iPhone.

Android Users

Android users are more likely to be introverted with much less focus on social status. They’re more likely to be interested in the technical capabilities and functionality of the Android operating system vs the price. Many android users will be aware of the fact that most android phones are better value and are generally less restrictive in their functionality.

Because of the interest in technology, Android users are also more likely to be male. Based on research and studies, psychologists say men have a greater interest in things, things like phones, gadgets or technology in general.

This difference in interests accounts for the greater knowledge in technology/specifications between the genders, this leads to more men owning Android phones.

Android users also tend to be more considerate to others, more honest and trust worthy. It sounds strange, but this is because of the difference between introverts and extroverts. Because introverts are less motivated by status and constant interaction, other traits, considerations and priorities are likely to be more important, such as being honest and living up to their word.

Phone Type = Personality Type Predictor

Psychologists have demonstrated they can fairly accurately predict what phone someone has by just asking a few simple questions. There seems to be greater evidence coming to light to support a connection between a person’s choice of phone and their personality.

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