Dream Meaning – Long Road & Erupting Volcano

This is a dream analysis and interpretation to determine the meaning of a dream that I had which involved a long straight road with tall buildings on either side of the road, and beyond that there were mountains and an erupting volcano.

Dream meaning about a road and erupting volcano.

Full Dream Description

I was standing on a very long and straight road. The road seemed endless. On either side of the road there were buildings, some were tall like sky scrapers. Beyond those buildings there were mountains and volcanoes.

Suddenly there is a large explosion; there is a fireball that I can see beyond the buildings. Then, shortly after, there is another even larger explosion, but this time, a massive spherical rock flies out of the apparent volcano. This massive rock flies over the buildings and lands right in the middle of the road I was on, but several miles down the road. As it crashes, it sends a huge amount of earth into the air and a shock wave heads towards me.

The shock wave doesn’t seem to bother me. However, I was concerned that this might happen again and land much closer to me, so, I began to run back down the road away from the first impact. As I start to run, I become more afraid, and then I wake up.

The Meaning of this Dream

Let’s start with the meaning of the long road. A road in our dreams can be symbolic of our life’s journey. A long road with no end in sight may suggest uncertainty. I don’t know where this road will lead. This may be fuelled by anxiety and uncertainty about my life’s direction. Or perhaps it’s not so personal; perhaps it’s uncertainty about society as a whole.

The journey road dream meaning.
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

A long road can also be symbolic of self-discovery, opportunities, overcoming challenges, and a reminder that achievements and good things require a long journey, a journey of endurance.

After looking into the meaning of a volcano in a dream, sources suggest it represents that something is out of control. Again, this suggests this is perhaps an anxiety dream caused by uncertainty. Lava and explosions both represent danger and destruction.

Some sources say it can be symbolic of high-tempered emotions, anger, conflict and perhaps losing control. A volcano erupting is a scary and destructive event, again suggesting fear and uncertainty.

The massive spherical rock that flies out of the volcano, I think, only adds to the fear and uncertainty aspect of this dream. This also could be considered an end of the world dream. End of the world dreams are believed to be symbolic of change. It could also perhaps mean an actual fear of the world-ending in some kind of catastrophe.

My Thoughts

I think this dream was a dream mostly about fear and uncertainty. I think it manifests from both my personal situation, and from society as a whole. With regard to the personal, this year has been a year of some significant change. This change has naturally caused some uncertainty and anxiety. However, it has also been an opening up of opportunity in a few different ways. I believe the road was symbolic of both uncertainty and opportunity.

The volcano, eruption and massive rock, I believe, are the result of a combination of uncertainty, both from the personal, and from society and beyond. I pay a fair amount of attention to what is going on in the world, and the political and ideological differences and conflicts. A contributor to this is likely to be the current war going on, which has the potential to escalate to something much bigger. Plus, all of the other problems and issues currently happening.

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