How to Think for Yourself

Are you thinking for yourself? In today’s modern society there’re so many ways in which we can be influenced. So are you thinking for yourself or are you simply being influenced by external forces? such as television, internet, friends, family, societal norms and limited stereotypes and generalizations which are only loosely based on the truth….


Affirmations for Success & Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk, what to say when you talk to yourself, do affirmations really work, can they help you achieve success? What are Affirmations? Affirmations is basically saying things over and over again in an attempt to change the way we think. The idea is to repeat a positive statement over and over again in…

Developing Your Intuition

Intuition is gaining knowledge from a sixth sense, unconsciously, as suppose to gaining information from our five primary sensors. Have you ever considered developing your intuition? Bad Intuition Intuition is a form of instantly acquiring knowledge, partly influenced by a persons perception/projection and therefore not always accurate as a persons perception is based on experiences,…