Be True To Yourself

How to be yourself and true to yourself? it’s an interesting thought, it relates to your beliefs and being true to who you’re despite external influences and peer pressure.

One must have chaos in oneself. Nietzsche

Do you like yourself?

You must love yourself first before you can love anybody else. Being true to yourself is the foundation to achieve this, you must be true to yourself and live your life for you.

Do you know who you are?

It’s important to know who you are, do you truly know who you are? or are you simply trying to fit into popular social norms and society?

Being true to yourself is not always an easy task. It becomes very easy to some people, it’s of course easy if you fit in to the norm. However it’s not so easy if you don’t fit into societies accepted normality. If you do not fit into societies norms then things become a little bit more tricky. You will have to go against the majority of the population if you go against society, if you do that, things will be difficult and challenging, yet many have succeeded in doing just that.

Help yourself or others?

Should you do things to please yourself, or should you concentrate on pleasing other people? The first place to start is getting your own life sorted out, and getting your affairs in order. Once you have your life on track, you will be better placed in life to be able to help others to do the same, or help them achieve whatever they want.

Outside influences

They don't know who you are. Quote

There is so much pressure from other people and from society in general to be and to act in a particular way. This is so very true when we are teenagers, teenagers are still growing physically and of course mentally, their personalities and identities are developing into something that will obviously affect the rest of their lives. It can be very difficult for some teenagers to be true to themselves due to all the influences that they are subjected too, including influences from their parents.

Many people are too busy thinking about what everybody else is doing or how they are being perceived to discover what they really want in life. This can lead to them getting in trouble and prevent them from reaching their potential.

It takes courage to go against the crowd and to be true to yourself. It’s a courageous path, because it’s not always an easy path with many obstacles. It will lead to disagreements with people that have differing views, people may criticize you, doubt your reasons and intentions.

However being true to yourself leads to a happier more content life in the long term, which will also benefit the important people that are in your life.


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