How to be Happy in Life Again

Have you forgotten how to be happy? this article is about ways on how to be happy in life again. Even the happiest of us see our dark days and setbacks, yet some people are able to recover quicker from these negative life events than others, why is this?

Make peace with yourself and others Quote.

It could be down to genetic personality traits, which may cause a natural tendency to focus on the negative side of things, and generally being more sensitive. Past traumatic events which influence our psychology for better or worse, how we look at failures and successes, society and how much it influences us and many more influences which determine if we are happy or not.

How we see and interpret things is a choice, our interpretation of the world is often influenced by society and our close groups and social circles. It’s easy to get caught up in the beliefs of others and for those beliefs to become our own beliefs. It can be hard to fight this influence, however it could be the thing which is holding you back and making you unhappy. Don’t let somebody else’s beliefs and ways of thinking limit your life.

How to be Happy in Life Again?

Don’t be a victim

If you allow yourself to become a victim you will always have somebody to blame, and blaming everybody else for your misfortunes in life will only lead to anger, petty spitefulness and eventual unhappiness. See locus of control.

In many situations when we consider ourselves to be a victim of any wrong doing, often we bare some of the fault ourselves. If we accept that it was partly our own fault, we can avoid that victim mind set which can be so damaging. Accept responsibility, learn from mistakes and do better next time.

Keep moving forward in a positive, productive way, not a negative and destructive way.

Be grateful

We often focus on what we don’t have, we see somebody doing better than us and then we focus on the fact that they have a better car or bigger house or whatever it is. Being grateful for what we do have, or achieved can work wonders when it comes to feeling happy and content.

Break negative cycles

We often get in to negative or destructive cycles when we are feeling sad. We feel sad so we look for ways to feel better, usually people will resort to quick fixes and instant gratification, for example, snacking, drinking, drugs and buying stuff that we don’t even need. These habits only make us feel better in that instant, then shortly after we feel even worse than we did before.

You break the cycle by doing something positive instead of seeking that quick fix. For example instead of eating junk food to feel better, hit the gym, do something that makes you feel good about yourself a little further down the road (delayed gratification). Learn something new, start a new hobby and develop a new passion. You could do volunteer work and help others, which is also helping yourself by giving yourself reasons to like yourself.

Another very effective way of being more positive is, positive self talk or affirmations. These can dramatically change your thinking and put yourself in a more positive state of mind.

These are some of the most effective ways that have personally worked for me in changing my mind set from a negative one to a more positive happy one.

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